graying hair

possible source of the problem:
starts between the 30th-40th year of age
but can happen much earlier, too.
the cause might be the reduced activity
of melanocytes producing melanin
– hair pigment. hair without melanin
becomes light and colorless.

DX2 anti-graying shampoo


silver DX2 effects:

  • washes and cares for the hair
  • gradually restores the natural, dark hair color
  • effects can be observed just after 5 uses
  • protects the natural hair color
  • product is not a hair dye
  • dermatologically tested


plant extracts from krameria triandra, sarothamnus scoparius and juglans regia rich in phytopigments which:

  • gradually darken the hair with regular use
  • protect the hair from unfavorable discoloration under the influence of solar radiation

beer yeasts’ extract:

  • rich source of protein that helps protect your hair from external damage
  • contributes to their restoration and improvement of elasticity
  • source of B2 vitamin that strengthens the hair structure
  • source of B7 vitamin that stimulates hair growth
  • source of B9 vitamin that helps to protect the natural color of the hair

para-aminobenzoic acid:

  • protects hair from discoloration while magnesium gives volume

active ingredient of cystoseira compressa algae:

  • contributes to the regeneration of the natural properties of the hair
  • improves the hydration, gloss and appearance of the hair

gray hair is not the end of the world, but admit it – it adds years. you can try to change it. start using the DX2 anti-graying shampoo which gradually restores the natural, dark color to the hair

switch your shampoo to DX2
and stop the graying hair

  • composition:
    rhatany root extract, Scotch broom extract, walnut extract, brown algae extract, beer yeasts extract, para-aminobenzoic acid
  • how to use:
    apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair. gently massage into the hair and scalp. rinse thoroughly. repeat if necessary. shampoo designed for everyday use. dermatologically tested
  • capacity:
    150 ml
  • warnings:
    for external use only. avoid contact with eyes and damaged skin. in case of the product getting into the eye, rinse immediately with water. do not use after expiration date
  • storage:
    store in the original container, in a temperature below 25°C. do not refrigerate, do not freeze. store out of the reach of children
  • contraindications:
    hypersensitivity to any component of the product

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