hair loss

most common possible problem cause:
in case of men,
it is a derivative of testosterone
– dihydrotestosterone (DHT),
which damages the hair roots.
consequently, the hair becomes
weaker and falls out

DX2 anti-hair loss shampoo


black DX2 effects

  • washes and cares for the hair
  • nourishes hair roots
  • protects against excessive hair loss
  • stimulates hair growth
  • hair is thicker and shinier
  • dermatologically tested


pronalen fibro-actif™

  • has a nourishing effect on the hair, strengthens and revitalizes them
  • bioactive molecules of the complex reach the deep layers of the skin, delaying cellular aging and improving the condition of hair and scalp
  • lengthens the hair growth phrase, helping to reduce hair loss
  • has properties that prolong hair’s life, have been confirmed by in vitro studies

aloe barbadensis leaf juice

  • perfectly hydrates the scalp and has regenerative properties
  • is rich in vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it nourishes and soothes the irritation of the scalp


the best results are achieved by using the DX2 anti-hair loss shampoo regularly

switch your shampoo to DX2
and prevent hair loss

  • composition:
    aloe barbadensis leaf juice, pronalen fibro-actif
  • how to use:
    apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair. gently massage into the hair and scalp. rinse thoroughly. repeat if necessary. shampoo designed for everyday use. dermatologically tested
  • capacity:
    150 ml
  • warnings:
    for external use only. avoid contact with eyes and damaged skin. in case of the product getting into the eye, rinse immediately with water. do not use after expiration date
  • storage:
    store in the original container, in a temperature below 25°C. do not refrigerate, do not freeze. store out of the reach of children
  • contraindications:
    hypersensitivity to any component of the product
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